Crypto Magazine has been operating in the field of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, and blockchain since 2021. Prior to that, it had been involved in the market since 2017, but only for exploration and monitoring purposes.

  • Currently, Crypto Magazine operates primarily in the following areas:
  • Providing accurate crypto information to customers with reliable data sources from industry experts in the fields of blockchain and the crypto market.
  • Analyzing potential crypto projects, including research, trend analysis, and development roadmap, to provide accurate investment data.
  • Providing high-accuracy and up-to-date news in the crypto market. All crypto news is edited and reviewed before publication.
  • Analyzing market trends and providing condensed experiences to help people have a reasonable investment plan.
  • Collaborating with major development projects to expand the market in Vietnam.
  • Helping projects in Vietnam reach domestic and international users through Crypto Magazine’s social media channels.

All information in Crypto Magazine is aimed at quality content, accurate data, transparent statistics, and credibility. The magazine is a gathering place for experts to exchange, share, and discuss information, knowledge, and trends in the crypto market.

At Crypto Magazine, you can find in-depth reviews and analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges, coin prices, and top projects worldwide. We provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information on data, market trends, helping you make smart and effective investment decisions.

Moreover, we also offer detailed guides on how to use and invest in cryptocurrencies, helping you become a professional cryptocurrency investor. With dedication and enthusiasm, we hope to become the most reliable and trustworthy source of information on the world of cryptocurrency for you.

Crypto Magazine Member

hai nguyen tap chi crypto

Hai Nguyen
Founder Tạp chí Crypto

Founder of Crypto Magazine
5 years of experience in blockchain, crypto, virtual currency market.


Python Developer

Programmer develops software with Python language.

vinh lee

Vinh Lee
Kỹ sư phần mềm

Operating Crypto Magazine

Software engineer, 5 years of experience in the blockchain field.

tien tran

Tien Tran
Quan tri rui ro dau tu

Risk management specialist in investment, with 3 years of experience.

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen
Chuyên viên AI

Information Department

Research and development engineer AI and linguistics, 2 years experience at Google.

hoang le

Hoang Le
Customer Support

Experience in media and advertising.

thao huyen

Thao Huyen
Leader Marketing

In charge of communication

Leader Marketing with 8 years of experience in Social Marketing and Media.

chang zhang

Ola Nordmann
Customer Support

Vietnamese people of Chinese descent operate in Blockchain.

What does Crypto Magazine bring to you?

Verified Information

The information provided by Crypto Magazine is always censored, edited and verified for accuracy before being published to bring value to readers.

Abundant source of data

The price data, data and market history for 10 years are shared freely on Crypto Magazine.

Latest trend

The magazine will bring you new trends in the Blockchain revolution that is exploding at a fast pace.

Investment Experience

A place to share a lot of good experiences in investment of those who have knowledge and experience in the market.