Cooperation with Crypto magazine
Cooperation with Crypto magazine

Crypto Magazine not only provides news but also aims at valuable and quality content. The blog has attracted a lot of readers of different ages. Having a small source of revenue from advertising also helps the blog to have funds for long-term maintenance and development, so Crypto Magazine supports advertising through banners and articles. Unsupported advertising content includes:

  • ICO projects, raising capital.
  • Unknown or high-risk projects.
  • Virtual fomo project, attracting new investors.

Crypto Magazine supports banner ads with custom sizes without breaking the website layout, so before signing the cooperation, I will send a price list and full size sample.

With article ads, Crypto Magazine only supports ads about new exchanges, featured and verified projects.

(Note: these articles will default to a high danger warning to limit the risk for readers)

Entries of other types will be evaluated during the discussion. For more information, please contact us directly via email:

Very pleased to be working!